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Mortgage Recording Tax Claim For Refund StatewideAugust 25, 2015
Investment Adviser Qualification Secretary Of StateAugust 24, 2015
Freedom Of Information Law Request Form StatewideAugust 12, 2015
Industrial And Commercial Abatement Program Preliminary Application Local CountyAugust 5, 2015
Application For A Metered Parking Waiver For Persons With Severe Disabilities StatewideJuly 31, 2015
Declaration Of Impasse StatewideJuly 31, 2015
Cover Sheet For Schedules Statements Lists And-Or Amendments FederalJuly 28, 2015
Renewal Application For License To Appear On Behalf Of Or Represent Carriers And-Or Self-Insurers Workers CompensationJuly 28, 2015
Initial Application For License To Appear On Behalf Of Or Represent Carriers And-Or Self-Insurers Workers CompensationJuly 28, 2015
Doctors Initial Report Workers CompensationJuly 28, 2015
ADR Program Final Disposition Of Claim Workers CompensationJuly 28, 2015
Report Of Work-Related Injury Or Occupational Disease Workers CompensationJuly 28, 2015
Notification Filing Secretary Of StateJuly 27, 2015
Address Change StatewideJuly 20, 2015
Owners Certification Statement (For Registration With Vintage Plates) StatewideJuly 17, 2015
ACH Liaison Designation StatewideJuly 16, 2015
Driver Training Programs Complaint Form StatewideJuly 14, 2015
Authorization Agreement For Direct Deposits (ACH Debits-Credits) StatewideJuly 13, 2015
Application For Electronic Lien Transfer Program StatewideJuly 13, 2015
Affidavit For Transfer Of Motor Vehicle StatewideJuly 13, 2015
Power Of Attorney StatewideJuly 7, 2015
Employee Claim Workers CompensationJuly 7, 2015
Sponsors And Selling Agents Broker Dealer Statement Secretary Of StateJuly 1, 2015
Order Of Disposition (Violation Of Support Order) StatewideJune 26, 2015
Party Wall Restrictive Declaration Local CountyJune 26, 2015
Statement Of Transaction - Claim For Credit Of Sales Tax Paid To Another State StatewideJune 25, 2015
Income Withholding For Support (Non-IV-D a - Spousal Support Only) StatewideJune 25, 2015
Application To File Small Claim-Commercial Claim Local CountyJune 25, 2015
NY Medicaid Provider Enrollment Form For Businesses StatewideJune 17, 2015
Statement Of Transaction - Sale Or Gift Of Motor Vehicle Trailer ATV Vessel (Boat) Or Snowmobile StatewideJune 8, 2015
Income Withholding For Support (Non-IV-D b) StatewideJune 8, 2015
Expert Services And Representation Expense Pre-Approval Form Appellate CourtsJune 8, 2015
Vehicle Registration - Title Application StatewideJune 4, 2015
Admission To Practice Petition Form FederalMay 29, 2015
Objection To Support Collection Unit Denial Of Challenge To Drivers License Suspension StatewideMay 19, 2015
Objection To An Adjusted Order Issued By The Support Collection Unit StatewideMay 19, 2015
Revocation Of Power Of Attorney GeneralMay 14, 2015
Request For Clerks Certificate Or Certified Copy Of Document FederalMay 8, 2015
Order On Petition For Custody And Or Visitation StatewideMay 8, 2015
Form Affidavit As To Applicants Law-Related Employment And-Or Solo Practice StatewideMay 8, 2015
Form Affidavit As To Applicants Compliance With The Pro Bono Requirements StatewideMay 7, 2015
Contract Of Sale - Condominium Unit StatewideMay 7, 2015
Commercial Revitalization Program Application Local CountyMay 7, 2015
City Of Yonkers Real Property Transfer Tax Return StatewideMay 7, 2015
Attorney Response To Request For Fee Arbitration StatewideMay 7, 2015
Application For Admission To Practice As Attorney And Counselor-At-Law (Forms) StatewideMay 7, 2015
Affordable Housing Plan Application And Checklist Pursuant To The Inclusionary Housing Program Local CountyMay 7, 2015
Initial Application By Employee Of Licensee Under Section 50 3-b Or 50 3-d To Appear Before WCB Workers CompensationMay 4, 2015
Stockholder Of Corporation Applying For License To Represent Self-Insurers Workers CompensationMay 4, 2015
Redaction Cover Page StatewideApril 15, 2015