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Form PF Reporting Form For Investment Advisers To Private Funds (SEC2048) January 28, 2016
Form N-MFP Monthly Schedule Of Portfolio Holdings Of Money Market Funds (SEC2847) January 28, 2016
Form N-5 Registration Statement Of Small Business Investment Company Under The Securities Act Of 1933 (SEC2125) January 28, 2016
Form 11-K Annual Reports Of Employee Stock Purchase Savings And Similar Plans (SEC617) January 27, 2016
Form X-17F-1A Missing-Lost-Stolen-Counterfeit Securities Report (SEC1666) January 20, 2016
Form T-6 Application-For Determination Of Elegibility Of A Foreign Person To Act As Institutional Trustee (SEC2275) January 19, 2016
Form T-4 Application For Exemption Filed Pursuant To Section 304(c) Of The Trust Indenture Act Of 1939 (SEC1920) January 19, 2016
Form T-3 For Applications For Qualification Of Indentures Under The Trust Indenture Act (SEC1919) January 19, 2016
Form T-2 Statement Of Eligibility Under The Trust Indenture Act-An Individual Designated To Act As Trustee (SEC1849) January 19, 2016
Form T-1 (Statement Of Eligibility And Qualification Under The Trust Indenture Act) (SEC1836) January 19, 2016
Form N-3 Registration Statement (Accounts Organized As Management Investment Co.) (SEC2124) January 19, 2016
Form N-23C-3 Notification Of Repurchase Offer (SEC2380) January 19, 2016
Form F-80 Registration Statement Under The Securities Act Of 1933 (Canadian Issuers) (SEC2282) January 19, 2016
Form ADV-E Certificate Of Accounting Of Client Securities And Funds (SEC2223) January 19, 2016
Form N-8B-2 Registration Statement Of Unit Investment Trusts Which Are Currently Issuing Securities (SEC977) January 11, 2016
Form 15 Certification And Notice Of Termination Of Registration Under Section 12(g) (SEC2069) January 4, 2016
Form ATS Initial Operation Report Amendment To Initial Operating Report (SEC2550) December 15, 2015
Form 17-H Risk Assessment Report For Brokers And Dealers (SEC2332) December 15, 2015
Form ATS-R Quarterly Report Of Alternative Trading System Activities (SEC2551) December 8, 2015
Form TH Notification Of Reliance On Temporary Hardship Exemption (SEC2348) November 3, 2015
Form TA-2 Annual Report Of Transfer Agent Activities (SEC2113) November 3, 2015
Form SE For Submission Of Paper Format Exhibits By Electronic Filers (SEC2082) November 3, 2015
Form N-6 Registration Statement (Separate Accounts Organized As Unit Investment Trusts) (SEC2567) November 3, 2015
Form N-4 Registration Statement Under The Securites Act Of 1933 (Trusts) (SEC2125) November 3, 2015
Form 12b-25 Notification Of Late Filing (SEC1344) November 3, 2015
Form 1-E Notification Under Regulation E (SEC1807) November 3, 2015
Form 13F Information Required Of Institutional Investment Managers (SEC1685) October 13, 2015
Form SCI Systems Compliance And Integrity (SEC2919) October 8, 2015
Form 40-F Registration Statement Pursuant To Section 12 Or Annual Report (SEC2285) September 17, 2015
Form 10-Q (SEC1296) September 17, 2015
Form N-CR Current Report Money Market Fund Material Events (SEC2918) August 18, 2015
Form TA-1 Uniform Form For Registration As Transfer Agent And For Amendment (SEC1528) August 3, 2015
Form 2-E Report Pursuant To Rule 609 Of Regulation E August 3, 2015
Form ADV (Paper Version) Uniform Application For Investment Adviser Registration (Execution Pages) (SEC1707) July 28, 2015
Form ADV (Paper Version) Uniform Application For Investment Adviser Registration (Part 2) (SEC1707) July 22, 2015
Form ADV (Paper Version) Uniform Application For Investment Adviser Registration (SEC1707) July 22, 2015
Form F-X Appointment Of Agent For Service Of Process And Undertaking (SEC2288) July 2, 2015
Form ABS-15G Asset-Backed Securitizer Report (SEC2860) July 2, 2015
Form SDR Application Or Amendment To Application For Registration Or Withdrawal (SEC2911) June 30, 2015
Form 8-A For Registration Of Certain Classes Of Securities Pursuant To Section 12(b) Or (g) (SEC1922) June 26, 2015
Form 1-Z Exit Report Under Regulation A (SEC2916) June 26, 2015
Form 1-U Current Report Pursuant To Regulation A (SEC2915) June 26, 2015
Form 1-SA Semiannual Report Or Special Financial Report Pursuant To Regulation A (SEC2914) June 26, 2015
Form 1-K Annual Reports And Special Financial Reports (SEC2913) June 26, 2015
Form 1-A Regulation Offering Statement Under The Securities Act Of 1933 (SEC486) June 26, 2015
Form 20-F Registration Statement Or Annual Report Or Transition Report June 26, 2015
Form ABS DD-15E Certification Of Provider Of Third-Party Due Diligence Services (SEC2917) June 22, 2015
Form N-2 Registration Statement Under The SEA of 1933 And Or Investment Co Act Of 1940 (SEC1716) June 16, 2015
Form N-1A Registration Statement (Open-End Management Investment Companies) (SEC2052) June 8, 2015
Form WB-APP Application For Award For Original Information (SEC2851) April 27, 2015

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