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Title Last Updated
Request For Designated Doctor Examination December 17, 2018
Benefit Dispute Settlement January 27, 2018
Benefit Dispute Agreement January 27, 2018
Carriers Request For Reduction Of Income Benefits Due To Contribution April 17, 2017
Medical EDI Compliance Coordinator And Trading Partner Notification January 27, 2017
EDI Trading Partner Profile January 27, 2017
Designation Of Insurance Carriers Austin Representative April 13, 2015
Required Medical Examination Notice Or Request For Order April 13, 2015
Request For Reimbursement Of Payment Made By Health Care Insurer April 13, 2015
Self Insured Governmental Entity Coverage Information August 13, 2012
Insurance Carrier Or Trading Partner Medical Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Profile August 12, 2011
Payment Of Compensation Or Notice Of Refused-Disputed Claim January 8, 2009
Request For Designated Doctor November 14, 2008
Application For Division Approval Of Purchase Of Annuity For Lifetime Income Benefits April 3, 2008
Application For Division Approval Of Change In Payment Period And Or Purchase Of Annuity For Death Benefits April 3, 2008
Reimbursement Rrequest For Payment Made By Health Care Insurer October 30, 2007
Carrier Representative Information Submission Form October 11, 2007
Self Insured Governmental Entity Proof Of Coverage November 29, 2006
Insurance Carrier Notice Of Coverage-Cancellation-Non Renewal Of Coverage June 19, 2006
Correction-Revision-Endorsement To Existing Policy June 19, 2006